The Music of Bollywood Gharana

Bollywood Gharana is a fresh sound of Music combining the ancient & the contemporary. 

Abhijit Pohankar, the master craftsman of Fusion music, presents this unique sound of fusion of Bollywood hits with Indian Classical music with a foot tapping groove and romantic guitar sounds.


The Latin percussions like Congas add to the grandeur of the sound of the band. Ancient Indian Classical Bandishes (compositions) sung on a groove and mixed with Bollywood retro & modern songs make this sound unique and engrossing.


Traditional Indian instruments like the Harmonium and modern Western instruments like the acoustic & bass guitar gives it an acoustic canvas to work on. Hits like Piya Tu Ab To Aaja, Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na, Pari Hun Main and many more are mixed with Indian Classical Music keeping the grooves to move on.


The band features Vocals, Harmoium / Keys, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Congas (Latin Percussions) and Drums along with featured artists on Trumpets and Steel Flute. Bollywood Gharana is an experience of foot tapping & stylish mix of these two genres.